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Acid Punch

Composition: Each 1000ml contains

Formic acid ------------------350,000mg

Phosphoric acid -------------120,000mg

Citric acid --------------------10,000mg

Lactic acid -------------------10,000mg

Zinc sulphate ----------------5,000mg

Copper sulphate -------------18,000mg


Mechanism of Action:

Compound acid decreases the PH of the gut and is able to penetrate the bacterial cell wall by traversing the membrane and disrupt the vital processes of bacteria, resulting in the inhibition of their growth and even cellular death.

Compound acid prevents the adherence of pathogens to the gut wall paving the way to useful microbes to get attached to gut mucosa to offer additional protection.

Compound acid increases intestinal epithelial regeneration/restoration of function increased levels of enterocyte brush border enzymes and nutrient uptake as mechanism to prevent weight loss.

Compound acid enhances intestinal absorptive surface by improving villus height and improving brush border villus expression.

Compound acid reinforces the anti-infammatory role in promoting homeostasis of the intestinal mucosa.

Compound acid contributes o intestinal health as an antimicrobial agent prevents disturbances in the balance of microflora and helps the gut respond to infections, injury and inflammation

Compound acid is involved in protecting cells from free radical damage



  • This product has its unique formulation should be considered as a product superior to organic acids formulations. Its main ingredients complement each other to deliver consistent performance to protect intestinal health.
  • This product can remove offending organisms that damage the gut-unhealthy bacteria.
  • This product can repair the gut lining-by the specific nutrients needed.
  • This product can inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the intestinal tract optimizes the intestinal bacterial flora reduces diarrhea.
  • This product can kill E coli and Salmonella bacteria reduce antibiotic use
  • This product can increase appetite, improves feed digestibility, enhances immunity and anti stress activity and reduces mortality


Usage and Dosage:

This product is mixed with drinking water, each 1ml for 2 liters of drinking water.

Storage: Sealed store in cool and dry place. Keep away from sunlight.


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