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Tylosin Tartrate 20% Injection

Composition: Each 100ml contains:

           Tylosin Tartrate----------20g


Character: This product is a yellow transparent liquid.


Pharmacological action:

Pharmacodynamics: Tylosin tartrate is a macrolide antibiotic, which has strong effect on Mycoplasma and it is effective against Gram-positive bacteria and some Gram-negative bacteria. Sensitive bacteria include Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Corynebacterium pyogenes, etc.

Pharmacokinetics: It can be absorbed quickly by intramuscular injection. Tylosin that is similar to erythromycin  is widely distributed in the body after absorption, the  drug concentration in organ by injection is more higher 2 ~ 3 times than by oral administration, but it is not easy to penetrate into the cerebrospinal fluid. The apparent distribution volume in dogs and cattle were 1.7 L/kg and 1.1 L/kg, respectively. Concentration of tylosin in breast milk is about 20% of  serum concentration. Tylosin is unchanged and excreted in the urine and bile. Half-life of this product is 0.9 hour for dogs, and 0.95~2.3 hours for calves.


Drug Interactions:

1). It should not be used with other macrolides, lincosamides and chloramphenicol at the same time, because of the same effect targets.

2). It will show the role of antagonism to be used in combination with β- lactams.

3).This product has the function of inhibiting cytochrome oxidase system, and may inhibit its metabolism when combined with some drugs.


Effection and Purpose:

Macrolide antibiotics. This product is mainly used to treat infectious diseases caused by Mycoplasma and sensitive Gram-positive bacteria.

Usage and Dosage:

Subcutaneous injection or intramuscular injection

Pigs and Poultry: 0.25~0.65ml/ 10kg body weight, once a day, continuous use for 2-3 days

Cattle and Sheep: 0.625~1ml/ 10kg body weight, once a day, continuous use for 2-3 days

Adverse reactions:

1).This product may have hepatotoxicity, manifested as cholestasis, and may also cause vomiting and diarrhea, especially when administered at high doses.

2).This product is irritating, intramuscular injection can cause severe pain, intravenous injection can cause thrombophlebitis and periphlebitis.




1). This product has local irritation.

2). This product is easy to cause death in equus animal, which is prohibited.

3). This product is prohibited to use for laying hens and lactating cows.


Withdrawal Period: Pig~21days, Chickens~28days.


Storage: Sealed store in cool and dry place, keep from sunlight.


Registration No: 0638/QJ


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Manufacture: Inner Mongolia Huatian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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