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Multivitamin +Amino Acid Soluble Powder for Horse Racing

Generic name: Multivitamin +Amino Acid Soluble Powder

Composition: Each 1000g contains

Vitamin A---39g           Vitamin B1---7g

Vitamin B2---4g           Vitamin B6---4g

Vitamin B12---19.6g        Vitamin C---39.2g

Vitamin D---7.8g           Vitamin E---19.6g

Vitamin K3---0.5g         Calcium pantothenate ---4.0g

Biotin---0.2g              Nicotinamide---19.6g

Methionine---39.2g         Zinc sulfate---12.2g

L-carnitine----39.2g         Ferrous sulfate---13.5g

Copper sulfate---4.0g        Manganese sulfate---12.7g


Effection and Purpose:

  1. This product can quickly supplement the various vitamins and amino acids necessary for the horse racing body, maintain normal physiological functions and promote metabolism
  2. This product can add nutrition, improve the resistance and anti-stress ability of horse racing body, and it can reduce the stress caused by vaccination, climate change and environmental change, reduce the tension of the body.
  3. This product can enhance immune organ activity, improve the function of body's cellular immunity and humoral immunity, induce the body to produce endogenous interferon, resulting in the role of anti-viral infection
  4. This product can promote feed conversion and improve feed intake. It has obvious promoting effect on the metabolic disorders and growth retardation of horse racing, which is caused by the deficiency of vitamins, potassium-ion, sodium-ion, chloride-ion and others.
  5. This product can promote the horse racing skin smooth and good color, improve the quality of horse racing
  6. The L-carnitine in this product can promote the oxidation of fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane to carry on the oxidative energy supply, it can promote the body fat burning to provide energy during exercise, at the same time L-carnitine can also promote the oxidation of branched-chain amino acids, and can change the activity of respiratory enzymes in mitochondria, which can improve the body's ability of oxidation energy supply.


Usage and Dosage

This product is mixed with drinking water or mixed with feed, each horse feeds 30g one time a day.

This product is soluble in 2 kilograms drinking water per gram for horses to drink freely or mixed with feed according to the ratio of 1‰, when sick can be doubled use, continuous use for 5~7 days, and it also can be long-term use.


Note: Please use it as soon as possible after opening the bag


Packing: 1000g/bag, 10bags/carton


Storage: Store in cool dry and dark place, sealed and moisture-proof.


Caution: Keep away from Children. For veterinary use only.

Withdrawal Period: No



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