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Oxytetracycline 20% Injection

Composition: Each 100ml contains



Character: This product is a yellow to light brown-yellow transparent liquid.


Pharmacological Action:


Oxytetracycline belongs to tetracycline broad-spectrum antibiotic, it has strong effect on gram-positive bacteria (such as Staphylococcus, hemolytic Streptococcus, Bacillus anthracis, Clostridium tetani and Clostridium etc.), but it is not as good as β-lactams. . It is sensitive to gram negative bacteria (such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Brucella and Pasteurella etc.), but it is not as good as the aminoglycoside antibiotics and amide alcohols antibiotics. This product also has inhibitory effect on  rickettsia, chlamydia, mycoplasma, helicoid, actinomyces and some protozoa.


Drug Interactions:

1).This product can make kidney function damage to be aggravated, if it is used with strong diuretic (such as furosemide etc) at the same time.

2).This product belongs to the fast antibacterial drug, can interfere with bactericidal effect of penicillin on bacteria breeding, should avoid use at the same time.

3). This product will form insoluble complexes, when it is used with calcium salt, iron salt or the drug which contains  metal ion of  calcium, magnesium, aluminium, bismuth, iron etc (including Chinese herbal medicine) at the same time, and leads to reduce the absorption of the drug



Tetracycline antibiotics.The product is used for infection of rickettsia, mycoplasma, some gram positive and gram negative bacteria etc.


Usage and Dosage:

Intramuscular injection, 0.05~0.1ml/kg body weight for livestock once.


Adverse Reaction:

1). Local irritant effect. Hydrochloric acid saline solution of this class of drugs has a strong irritant, intramuscular injection can cause the injection site pain, inflammation and necrosis.

2). Intestinal flora disturbance. Tetracycline produce broad-spectrum inhibitory effect on intestinal bacteria of horse,then it will  cause secondary infection  by resistant Salmonella or unknown pathogens (including Clostridium etc).and lead to be serious or even fatal diarrhea. This situation often appears after high-dose intravenous medication, but low dose intramuscular injection may also occur.

3). Impacting the teeth and bone development. Tetracycline combines with calcium after entering into the body, and it will be together with deposition in the teeth and bones. The drug also passes through the placenta and gets into breast milk easily, therefore, it is prohibited to use for pregnant domestic animal, breastfeeding livestock and small animal. The milk is prohibited to put on the market during using medicine period of lactating cows.

4). Damage of liver and kidney. This drug has toxic effects on the hepatocyte and  nephrocyte. Tetracycline antibiotics can cause many animal dose-dependent renal function changes.

5). Antimetabolism. Tetracycline can cause azotemia, and also make it to be  exacerbated,  because the steroid drugs are in existence. This kind medicaments can cause metabolic acidosis and electrolyte imbalance.



1). This product should avoid light and be sealed, and store in a cold dark dry place. Avoid sun exposure. Don't use metal containers

2). This product sometimes can also lead to gastroenteritis occur in horse after the injection, it should be used with caution.

3). This product is prohibited to used for diseased livestock with serious liver and kidney dysfunction.


Withdrawal Time:

Cattle, Sheep and Swine~28 days

Withdrawal period for milk~7 days


Storage: Sealed store in cool dry and dark place, keep from Sunlight.


Registration No: 0639/QJ


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Manufacture: Inner Mongolia Huatian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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