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Vitamin E+ Sodium Selenite Injection

Generic name: Vitamin E+ Sodium Selenite Injection

Main ingredient: Vitamin E, Sodium selenite

Composition: Each 100ml contains

            Vitamin E        5g

            Sodium selenite  0.1g

Character: This product is milky white liquid

Pharmacological Action: Selenium is a component of glutathione peroxidase, it can scavenge lipid peroxidation free radical intermediates in vivo, to prevent lipid peroxidation of biomembrane and maintain normal structure and function of cell membrane. Selenium is also involved in the synthesis of coenzyme A and coenzyme Q, plays an important role in the process of the tricarboxylic acid cycle electron transfer in vivo. Selenium exists in two forms of selenocysteine and selenomethionine in selenoprotein, selenium exerts its biological function through the selenoprotein affecting the animal body’s free radical metabolism, antioxidant function, immune function, reproductive function, apoptosis and the endocrine system. Vitamin E can prevent the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and other oxidizable substances in the body, protect the integrity of the cell membrane and maintain its normal function. Vitamin E is also closely related to the reproductive function of animals, and has the function of promoting gonadal development, promoting pregnancy and preventing abortion. In addition, vitamin E can also improve the animal’s resistance to disease, enhance anti-stress ability. Vitamin E is mainly stored in the liver in the body, but the storage is less than vitamin A. Vitamin E is metabolized in the liver and is mainly excreted through the bile. When vitamin E deficiency occurs in the diet, vitamin E stored in the liver can be easily depleted. When animal selenium deficiency, nutrient-induced muscle atrophy can occur, may show dyspnea and skeletal muscle stiffness in initial stage, white muscle disease occurs in young animals. Nutritional necrosis of liver occurs in pigs, selenium deficiencies in adult animals are associated with an increased susceptibility to diseases and reproductive dysfunctions in maternal livestock, when vitamin E deficiency occurs, multiple dysfunctions can occur. The calves, lambs and piglets in the growth stage show nutritional muscular atrophy, early symptoms are stiff and unwilling to walk, visible gray degeneration of skeletal muscle area and myocardial damage after autopsy.

Medicine interactions:

  1. High doses of vitamin E can delay the therapeutic effect of anti-iron deficiency anemia drugs.
  2. This product and vitamin A are taken orally at the same time to prevent the oxidation of vitamin A, enhance the effect of vitamin A.
  3. Liquid paraffin and neomycin can reduce the absorption of this product


Effection and Purpose:

Vitamins and selenium supplements. This product is used to treat infertility and white muscle disease due to vitamin E deficiency



Usage and Dosage

Intramuscular injection: Foal and Calf  5~8ml, Lamb and piglet 1~2ml, pro dosi.


Adverse reaction: Selenium is more toxic, the minimum lethal dose of sodium selenite for single oral administration of piglet is 17mg/kg, oral administration of sodium selenite 10mg in young lambs, Will cause mental retardation, ataxia, dyspnea, urinary frequency, cyanosis, dilated pupils, swelling and death. Pathological injuries include edema, flushing and necrosis, which can involve many systems.



  1. Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection has local irritation
  2. Selenium is more toxic, excessive intramuscular injection easily lead to animal poisoning, poisoning manifested as vomiting, respiratory depression, weakness, central suppression, coma and other symptoms, severe symptoms can cause death.


Withdrawal Time: Cattle, Sheep, Pigs~28days

Registration No: 880 QF

Storage: Sealed store in cool and dry place, keep away from sunlight.

Period of validity: 24 months.

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