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Ivermectin 1% Injection

Character: This product is colorless or nearly colorless transparent liquid, slightly sticky.


Composition: Each 100ml contains:



Pharmacological action:

Pharmacodynamics :

Ivermectin has good repelling and killing effect in external parasite, nematode in vivo and arthropod. The anthelmintic action mechanism lies in promoting the presynaptic neuron releasing gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), thus opening the chloride ion channel mediated by GABA. Ivermectin has selectivity and high affinity to chloride channel mediated by glutamate  which is near the GABA mediated site of invertebrate nerve and muscle cells, Thus interfere with neuromuscular signal transmission, makes the insect body to be flabby and paralytic to lead to parasite to be death or discharged in vitro. Inhibitory interneurons and excitatory motor neurons of nematode is the site of action, and the site of action of arthropod animal is neuromuscular junction. The dispel rate is from 97% to 100% for haemonchus, ostertagia, cooper nematode trichostrongylus (including Ehrlich Trichostrongylus), strongyle, bunostomum, nematodirus, trichuris, oesophagostomum, dictyocaulus,adults and four stage larvae of chabertia ovina of  cattle and sheep by  taking orally or subcutaneous injection. Ivermectin also has  high efficience in arthropods, such as maggot, mites and lice etc. It also has  a bit poor efficience in ischnocera and sheep ked. Ivermectin  has  high effect in  ticks and fly (maggot) which is breeding in feces, although the drug  can not make tick to be death immediately, but can affect the its feeding and molting and spawning, thereby reducing its reproductive ability. Ivermectin has the similar effect in blood fly. The dispel rate is from 94% to 100% for adult and immature insect body of hyostrongylus rubidus, strongyloides ransomi, trichuriasism, spirocercosis, lungworm, stephanurus dentatus. Ivermectin also has  high effect in Intestinal trichinella spiralis (Ivermectin has  no effect in trichinella spiralis of muscle).It also has a good control effect on haematopinus suis and sarcoptes suis of pig. Ivermectin is not effective against flukes and tapeworm.


Pharmacokinetic of ivermectin has obvious differences, because of animal species, dosage form and route of administration. Single stomach animal take this product orally can absorb 95%, ruminant animal absorbs only 25% to 33% of the dosage, bioavailability is 25% by rumen administration to sheep. The bioavailability of sbcutaneous injection is higher than bioavailability of internal use, but the absorption speed of sbcutaneous injection is quicker than absorption speed of internal use. It can be distributed to most organizations very well after absorption, but it is not easy to enter the cerebral spinal fluid, Collie is sensitive to higher concentration into the central nervous system, so it is  particularly sensitive to this product.the apparent distribution volume of cattle, sheep, pigs and dogs are   0.45 ~ 2.4, 4.6, 4 and 2.4 L/kg, it has a longer half-life in most animal, cattle, sheep, pigs and dogs are 2 ~ 3, 2 ~ 7,0.5 and 2 days respectively. This product becomes  metabolism in the liver,it mainly becomes hydroxylation in cattle and sheep,it mainly becomes methylation  in pig. It is excreted mainly  by the faeces, it becomes less than 5% prototype or metabolites to be excreted by the urinary, the 5% dosage is excreted by the milk in in lactation nurse.


Drug interactions:

Ivermectin Injection and diethylcarbamazine used at the same time, may cause serious or fatal encephalopathy.



Macrolide antiparasitic drugs. This product is used for preventing and treating livestock nematodiasis, mite and other parasitic insect disease.


Usage and Dosage:

Subcutaneous injection

Cattle and Sheep: 0.02ml/kg of body weight), one time

Pig: 0.03ml/kg of body weight), one time


Adverse Reactions:

1). This product is used for the treatment of Hypoderma Bovis alveococcosis disease, if the killed larvae in the key position, it will cause serious adverse reactions.

2). At the time of injection, the injection site is not suitable or transient.



1).This product is only used for subcutaneous injection, due to intramuscular injection and intravenous injection easily lead to poisoning. Each subcutaneous injection point should not be more than 10 ml.

2).Ivermectin injection containing formaldehyde glycerol and propylene glycol, is only suitable for cattle, sheep and pigs.

3).Ivermectin are highly toxic to shrimp, fish and aquatic organisms, remaining drug packaging do not pollute the water.

4).This product is forbidden to use in the lactation period.

5). It can cause severe or fatal encephalopathy when combined with ethamazine.


Withdrawal period:

Cattle and Sheep: 35 days, Pig: 28 days.

Withdrawal period for milk: 20 days


Storage: Sealed store in cool and dry place, keep from sunlight


Registration No: QF-16-0121-P-P-00401

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